Orbita1974 mkII

The Orbit 1974 is everything you love about late 60’s fuzz with the functionality of a modern pedal.

Two vintage germanium transistors are hand-selected for the pedal, which have a softer sound compared to their silicon counterparts.

The weak output level of the original Fuzz Face has been corrected in the new version.

The Fuzz Face fuzz control has been fixed to the maximum position, and a pre-gain knob has been added in its place, which copies the behavior of the guitar’s volume, clearing the sound to a fat overdrive and an almost clean sound.

Problems with low input impedance and high output impedance have been resolved. Now you can easily put buffers both before and after the Orbit, without fear of ruining the sound. The pedal uses a special transformer circuit that mimics the behavior of a pickup and works directly with the input of the fuzz circuit. Thanks to this, Orbit is perfectly friendly with any pedal in front of it. Even reverb if you’re a shoegazer. Active pickups, drum machines, basses, and synthesizers are no longer a problem either. Due to the low output impedance, the wire after the pedal does not cut off high frequencies, as with the original Fuzz Face.

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1. Level — controls amount of volume.

2. Gain — acts like a guitar volume knob, controlling the amount of distortion. Soft overdrive on the left, fuzz on the right.

3. Tone — Big Muff style tone-stack, right is brighter, left is darker.

4. Gate — rips an input signal as the knob is turned for the Velcro fuzz sounds.

5. Mid cut — allows you to cut or add mid frequencies for the muff style sounds.

6. Bypass footswitch — toggles bypass on click. Momentary bypass on hold.

Power supply — 9VDC center negative, 15mA current draw.

Impedance matching

The low input impedance of old germanium fuzzes is the reason why they are perfectly cleared with the guitar’s volume knob. But at the same time, it brings a lot of problems if you use active pickups, put a buffer, or include some other pedal in the chain before the fuzz.

Therefore, the Orbit uses a circuit that replicates the behavior of the passive pickup directly inside the pedal, allowing it to be used in any circuit and scenario without losing sound. The signal first passes through a buffer, then goes to a transformer circuit that copies the characteristics of the pickup, and then goes to the fuzz input, thus isolating it from the rest of the effects chain.

Using a switch inside the pedal, you can disable this mode and leave it in “classic” mode, where the input signal goes straight to the input of the fuzz circuit. To do this, move the switch to the right position. The left “modern” position goes for a pickup simulator circuit.


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