OD808 mkIII

OD808 mkIII is a dual channel overdrive/distortion pedal with two legendary effects inside: OCD and ts808. It has a lot of switchable mods, top-mounted jacks, a compact enclosure, and a smart bypass system, that allows you to easily change effects order or turn on both effects with one footswitch.- OCD is known for its rich sound, with a slightly cropped middle, but deep lows, and bright highs. There is also a convenient control of gain control, which allows you to get a barely noticeable overdrive in the minimum position, mid-gain on 12 hours, and saturated distortion with drive control all the way right.- Screamer is a classic choice to heat an overdriven amplifier up. Moreover, it works great in front of OCD.

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The OD808 has two independent channels: blue – OCD and red – Tube Screamer.

Each channel has volume, tone and drive knobs and one toggle switch. Upper row of knobs and left toggle switch for the red channel. Lower row and right switch for the blue.

1. Drive — Controls the amount of distortion.

2. Tone — Controls the amount of brightness. Right is brighter, left is darker.

3. Volume — Controls the output volume.

4. Screamer fat — toggle left to add lows.

5. OCD mid-boost — toggle right to cut to boost volume and brighten the sound.

6 и 7. Bypass — the right footswitch activates the first effect in the chain. the left one activates the second effect.

8. Side switchScreamer mode selection. Transparent mode is up; ts808 is down.

Power supply — 9-18VDC center negative, 40mA current draw.


DIP switches

DIP-switches will help you to tailor your sound to your needs. The upper switch is for Screamer, and the lower for OCD.


1. Turn the first toggle up for symmetrical clipping; turn down for asymmetrical. Symmetrical clipping gives you a more squished sound.

2. Second toggle disables a diode clipping section in lower position. It gives you less gain and more volume.



1. Turn the first toggle up to cut the mids.

2. Turn the second toggle up to boost the lows.

3. Turn the third toggle up for hard clipping; turn it down for soft clipping. The effect is more noticeable on higher gain settings.

4. Toggle the fourth toggle up for vintage voicing mode, which slightly attenuates sharp highs. Toggle down for modern voicing.


Bypass modes

The OD808 mkIII has a smart bypass which can operate in two modes:

Normal Mode

The right footswitch activates the first effect in the chain, and the left footswitch activates the second. Led color tells which effect is turned on.

To change the effect order, turn the left effect on and hold the left footswitch. Led colors will swap as well as the effects order.

To go into the double mode, turn the right effect on and hold the right footswitch. The right LED will change its color to purple and you’re done.

Double Mode

In this mode, the right footswitch activates both effects; left footswitch works only for long press and changes the effect order.

Left Led color shows the first effect in the chain.

To go back to the normal mode, turn the effects on by right footswitch and long press it.

Screamer Transparent Mode

The screamer channel can operate in two modes: classic ts808 and transparent. You can choose it with the toggle switch on the left side of the pedal. Upper position is transparent mode, lower position is ts808 mode. You get less gain, less screamerish mid hump, and you get much more presence. It makes the red channel an awesome low-gain overdrive, which can be used on its own, as a booster/toneshaper placed after OCD or as a nice heating drive in front of OCD to get more gain or thicker sound.


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